Welcome to the CasinoReviewsLand free casino complaints service. We believe that players deserve to get a fair game wherever they choose to play. Although most players experience no issues when gambling online, we’re here in case something goes wrong. If you run into a problem with any of the online casinos, either with payments or bonuses, we strongly encourage you to fill out a complaints form.

We also believe in transparency. As such, you can examine our complete archive of casino complaints to help you choose where to play. To assist you in finding complaints that you’re interested in, this overview table summarizes each one with four different sections.

Complaint Status

Complaints will fall into four categories.

Developing: Communication between the casino, the player, and CasinoReviewsLand is still ongoing.
Resolved: Player and casino reached an agreement.
Unresolved: Complaint file closed due to inactivity of the casino.
Closed: Complaint file closed due to inactivity of the player.

Complaint Description

To assist you in quickly finding the major details of a complaint, we have posted each complaint title, submitter, and date of filing in the table.

Latest Response

See who was the last party to respond to a complaint. If you’re following a particular complaint, this is an easy way to see if new developments have occurred.

Time Remaining

We not only want players to be able to have mediation resources available; we want the process to be speedy, as well. In order to encourage the player and the casino to stay focused on reaching a proper solution, we have installed a timer on each of the complaints. Failure of either party to respond within the timeframe will result in the closure of the complaint.

Casino complaints in the online gaming industry are the formal submissions of players who have an issue with a specific online casino. Because the world of online gaming is largely unregulated, this process is almost always conducted through third-party affiliates who provide the service for ethical reasons.

Reasons for Filing Casino Complaints

The vast majority of players who decide to use a casino complaints service do so because of slow payment or non-payment. Most other issues, such as technical problems or deposit issues, do not necessitate an online casino complaints service. Players typically file a complaint when they feel that they are becoming the victims of a scam, although this is not always the cause of the issue.

However, not all players who use an online casino complaints service do so legitimately. Fraudulent casino complaints also make up a portion of an affiliate’s yearly complaint count. In these cases, fraudsters posing as players with a true casino issue try to use casino complaints to effectively scam a casino. Although fraud is certainly in the minority, they do cause some delays for other, legitimate cases.

Early Stages of Online Casino Complaints

To begin the casino complaints process, a player who is having casino problems must first state his or her specific issues. Because successful mediation requires attention to detail, players are almost always asked for precise information regarding the nature of the complaint. Most affiliates offering online casino complaints will encourage the player to contact the casino for information as needed. If necessary, the affiliate may also contact the casino to get the data.

Once a player’s complaint is formally lodged with a third-party affiliate, the process of resolving his or her casino problems officially begins. First, the affiliate will check to ensure that the case is accurate. Then, he or she will notify the casino representative, who will assess the complaint and provide a response.

Some online casino complaints are resolved at this point; the casino may have made a simple error that prevented the player from getting paid. Since most complaints involve complex terms of bonuses or sheer scam artistry, however, the process typically continues.

Second Phase of Online Casino Complaints

In the event that the player and the casino cannot reach an immediate resolution, the affiliate will begin taking a more active role as judge of the situation. At most casino complaints services, both the player and the casino are required to continue providing information as requested. Online casino complaints may be closed prematurely if there is insufficient communication.

The affiliate will begin this process by looking at the terms and conditions offered by a casino. In the event of bonus usage, this will also include looking at the rules applied to that specific bonus or set of bonuses. Because there are often dozens of terms, some of which have several subsections, the casino is typically asked to direct both the affiliate and the player to the terms which apply to the case.

The Verdict

Assuming the affiliate has enough information to make a decision, he or she will then make a decision as the judge of the case. This almost always relies upon whether a player has abided by the terms and conditions enforced at the casino in question. If he or she has, the casino will almost certainly be expected to pay the player at the risk of being listed as a scam casino. However, if the player has failed to obey a term, the casino is generally found to have sufficient reason to withhold payment.

It is important to note that, although the casinos certainly want to please their affiliates, they can choose to ignore the judgement rendered through a casino complaints service. If this happens, the affiliate will most likely list them as a scam casino, and the player’s issue will remain unresolved. This is uncommon, however. Affiliates with complaints services are often the largest, and therefore most important for a casino to please to continue getting new players.