Aussie Green Party seeks ban on betting ads

Aussie Green Party seeks ban on betting ads

Australia’s Green Party is seeking a ban on all sports betting advertising.

The proposal mimics the blanket ban on tobacco ads that was introduced Down Under in 1992.

In addition to prohibiting the advertising of betting odds, the Greens are keen to bring the so-called ‘cash for comment’ phenomenon to an end. This is where sports reporters integrate betting promotions into sports-themed television programmes.

The sponsorship of sports team by gambling companies would also been banned under the planned measures.

According to Green Senator Richard Di Natale, as things stand, sports betting is, “tarnishing our iconic Australian sporting codes and normalising gambling for our kids.”

Di Natale further added that, “Watching a game of footie shouldn’t be like walking into a casino.”

The Greens aren’t the only ones raising questions about the current abundance of sports betting adverts. Indeed, as Calvin Ayre reported, even the boss of Sportsbet – the Aussie offshoot of Paddy Power – believes the situation is a bit out of hand.

Still, the CEO of the Australian Wagering Council Ian Fletcher was quick to dismiss the Greens’ proposal as a “piecemeal, political gesture… [that] unhelpfully caricatures a genuinely complex issue of community concern.”

It was further added that, since the Greens are a minority party, their proposal would have to overcome some huge obstacles were it to become law.

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