Betting markets point to Clinton defeating Trump come November

Betting markets point to Clinton defeating Trump come November

The Primary process might still be ongoing but already the smart money seems to suggest that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump (!) will be dogging it out for control of the Oval Office come November.

And while The Donald might be dominating the headlines with his rabble-rousing rhetoric, the bookies seem convinced the former Secretary of State will take up residence in the White House next January.

According to BetFair markets, Hilary is a 70% chance to become the 45th President of the United States. By contrast, Trump – whose latest headline-grabbing move has been to encourage his followers to beat up dissenters – is thought to have an 18% of victory.

BetFair is also keen to point up that, while Trump has overachieved during the Primary process thus far, it is still possible that one of his rivals might end up receiving the Republican nomination.

The reason for this is that, while Donald has secured the support of 678 delegates, Ted Cruz has a delegate tally of 423. And with the backing of 1049 delegates still up for grabs, the race is a long way from being run.

Not only that but with the GOP at odds with a lot of what Trump stands for, there is every chance that, even were he to snare sufficient support, the Republican convention might look to select a more palatable nominee.

So while you could be forgiven for thinking Donald Trump’s road to the White House is paved with gold, the truth of the matter is El Trumpo is faced with obstacles that are every bit as vast as that wall he keeps banging on about.

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