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Fancy a spot of mobile gambling on your Android? Here’s all you need to know.

Tech-savvy casinos now offer dedicated gambling sites specially adapted for mobile users, including people who have one of the many hundreds of handsets than run Google’s Android operating system. If you’re tempted by the idea of gambling via your smart phone or tablet, then here’s how.

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About Android casinos

For many years, the world of online gambling was strictly PC-based only. To play at an online casino, players had to download and install software to their computer. This was all well and good as the only mobile devices available at the time – Palm Pilots and PDAs – were not sophisticated enough to run casino software.

The computing world began to change in 2007 when Apple announced the release of the iPhone. This was the first genuine smart phone with the processing power to enable mobile gaming. However, Apple also announced that iOS (the iPhone’s operating system) was to be a closed system, meaning people could only download apps to their phone from their country’s Apple Store. Apple also announced that they would not allow apps that enabled real money gambling to be hosted via any Apple Store.

In 2008 the first real alternative to the iPhone – the HTC Dream – was released. It ran Google’s Android operating system, which Google had acquired from Android, Inc. in 2005. It wasn’t really until 2010, with the release of the Nexus series of smart phones, that Android really began to flourish.

Initially, with Android being an open system, Google were happy to allow real money gambling apps to be hosted at the Play Store. However, online casinos under-estimated the demand for mobile gambling, and very few offered dedicated mobile gambling apps.

Android casino apps appear … and Google shuts the door!

It wasn’t really until the appearance of the iPad in 2010 that online casinos began to seriously think about offering dedicated mobile apps. It was of course a lot easier to play at an online casino on a tablet – with its large screen – than a smart phone, and people were beginning to use tablets (and smart phones) for gaming. Top online casino providers such as Microgaming and Playtech began to offer online casino suites specifically for Android devices.

In August 2013, just as the mobile gambling market was really taking off, Google announced they were no longer happy to accept real money gambling apps at Google Play. Android’s open source policy meant that players could download real money gambling apps from Google Play anywhere in the world – even in jurisdictions where mobile gambling was not permitted. This left Google open to litigation, so just to be on the safe side, they pulled the plug.


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