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If there is one device that has changed the way we do things via the internet, it’s the iPad. As it has a screen size much larger than iPhone, it allows you to do almost as much on your mobile device as you would be able to do on a laptop or PC. Plenty of gambling sites are now optimised for iPad gameplay. Let’s dig deeper.

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About iPad casinos

By 2010, the online casino world was already well-established and flourishing. Online casinos had been around since the late 1990s, and millions of gambling fans were already tossing billions of chips onto virtual roulette and blackjack tables. Play was usually performed on a laptop or PC, as iPhone screens were simply too small to make enjoyable online play feasible.

Then, in 2010, Apple released the iPad. Initially dismissed as simply a ‘big iPhone’, the iPad was quick to revolutionise the way in which people ‘did stuff’ on the net. You no longer needed to carry around with you a heavy laptop if you wanted to use the internet while you were out and about. All you now needed was an iPad and a dedicated internet connection.

At first, online casinos did not seem to take the demand for mobile gambling seriously, and very few online casinos offered dedicated apps for iPads. It was thought that the low demand wasn’t worth making the effort to produce iPad-centric online casinos, although some larger companies – particularly Playtech and Microgaming – did.

There was also the issue of the App Store. Right from the off Apple had decided that apps that allowed gambling over the internet with real money could not be hosted at their store. That meant that only apps that could be installed on jailbroken tablets were capable of permitting online real money gambling, and no reputable gambling site wanted to incur the wrath of Apple by encouraging iPad owners to jailbreak their devices!

The iPad revolution gains momentum … and Apple has a change of heart!

Once the iPad had become established as the tech-world’s most popular tablet, leading online casinos woke up to the fact that there was revenue to be had via mobile channels. A few top casinos began to create mobile versions of their site so that punters could enjoy a few hands of blackjack or a few spins of a roulette wheel while out and about.

In August 2013 Google – who had previously been quite happy to allow real money gambling apps – decided to join Apple in banning such apps from their version of the App Store – Google Play. However, just as Google finally jumped in bed with Apple over this issue, Apple jumped out!

Apple made alterations to their terms of service which permitted real money gambling apps to be hosted at the Apple App Store. Apps could be acquired from the App Store as long as the following two conditions were met:

  • the app must be free to download
  • the app could only be obtained via the iPad user’s designated country of residence, and that such a country of residence permitted the act of gambling with real money online

Pretty swiftly most of the major online gambling portals commissioned work on developing iPad apps. These were either ‘in browser’ apps that downloaded temporarily to a user’s device via Safari or any other browser, or dedicated iPads apps that could be downloaded and installed permanently. Initially, the latter option was the more favoured one, although advances in HTML since 2014 have seen this trend reversed.


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