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It’s hard to imagine the world without the iPhone. Apple’s flagship product simply tore up the rulebook when it came to smart phones. Prior to the iPhone, generally the only things mobile phones were good for were for making phone calls and sending texts. Then the iPhone came along and introduced mobile browsing, productivity apps and gaming, which of course encompasses mobile online gambling. Playing roulette for real cash on the bus or train is now as easy as completing Level 1 on Candy Crush, and we’re here at CasinoReviewsLand.com to show you how.

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About iPhone casinos

It’s almost tough to comprehend how the tech-world survived before the release of the iPhone. It’s even tougher to think that Apple’s white (or silver) candy bar smart phone has only been around since mid-2007. A few years on and a new version of the iPhone has been released every year since, and over 700 million of the iOS-powered devices have been sold.

Initially, the iPhone and online casinos did not welcome each other with a warm handshake. Online casino providers were simply not interested in mobile platforms, as smart phone screens were too small to create playable casino apps. Apple were not that interested in online casinos either. As Apple is predominantly a US-based company, the powers that be under Steve Jobs were unlikely to run the risk of annoying their shareholders by allowing their new toy to be used for online gambling, given that 2006 had seen the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the USA.

Each new release of the iPhone increased its technological sophistication, and pretty soon iPhone users were enjoying the same levels of gaming using their device as they did on their laptops, PCs, or gaming consoles. Apple’s App Store became swiftly flooded by apps with all manner of uses, including a handful that permitted poker, blackjack or roulette – but strictly for play money only.

A few online casino software providers began to explore the possibility of real money gambling apps – but by using the main rival to iOS, Google’s Android. There seemed a definite consumer demand for such apps. Surely it was only a matter of time before iPhone users started to demand real money gambling apps too?

Google shuts the door … and Apple flips it wide open again!

The day that changed the world for lovers of online gambling who owned iPhones occurred in August 2013. The flourishing mobile gambling industry suffered the hammering of several nails into its coffin, even though it was barely out of the womb. The previous ‘real money gambling apps okay’ attitude of Google was thrown into the trash, and the online behemoths decided that all real money gambling apps needed to be swiftly deleted from Google Play.

Google’s reasons were simple – Google Play was not geo-centric. That meant that someone in Estonia could download an app from Google Play that had been created in Peru. This also meant that people in jurisdictions where online gambling was not permitted – like most of the USA – were able to download apps that allowed them to do so. This exposed Google to possible litigation issues, so they decided to pull the plug, just to be on the safe side.

As online casinos were recovering from this development, they had another surprise to contend with. Apple changed their mind as well, but in completely the opposite direction. Because Apple’s App Stores are tied to an iPhone user’s country of residence, real money gambling apps could be offered to jurisdictions when regulated online gambling was permitted, such as the UK.

The only other provision was that any such apps had to be free to download and install – you should not be charged for downloading and installing an online casino app to your iPhone.

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Hot off the press! The latest iPhone casino news & gossip.


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