ESL Gaming to create eSports Hall of Fame

ESL Gaming to create eSports Hall of Fame

The Electronic Sports League is keen to give eSports its due with the creation of a Hall Of Fame.

In conversation with Yahoo eSports, ELS General Manager Ken Chen explained that the HoF is being created to help preserve “the rich history of competitive video games.”

Chen is also keen to “honour the legacy [and] tell stories of the players and people” who have, in next to know time, turned a hobby into a billion-dollar business.

Furthermore, Chen explained that the ESL itself won’t participate in the selection of inductees; rather the voting process will be overseen by people the GM describes as “experts within each game community.”

The first induction is scheduled to take place at ESL One in Cologne this July. It’s widely believed that the person selected will be a Counter-Strike player of some reknown.

In later years, players from League Of Legends, Starcraft I and II, Dota I and II and the world of fighting games will be recognised. According to the selection criteria Chen announced, the only stipulation is that a player must have been retired for at least a year to qualify for selection.

As for us at CasinoReviewsLand, we’d like to see the ESL HoF celebrate eSports pioneers such as Billy Mitchell (above), a hot sauce magnate and the first man to master the likes of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Jr.

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