French to address eSports situation

French to address eSports situation

The French government is keen to ease the country’s strict eSports restrictions.

Under French law, competitive gaming is currently classified as gambling. Because of this, eSports tournaments have steered clear of the country for fear of incurring fines or, worse still, custodial sentences.

However, all of this could change now that new legislation is being considered which would disassociatee Sports events from gambling.

According to Calvin Ayre, ‘The Digital Republic Bill’ also aims to expand the definition of ‘athletes’ to include competitive gamers; a measure that will enable eSports players to contribute their taxes towards government pensions and the like.

The decision to make the bill’s measures applicable to eSports was made following the intervention of the Syndicat des Editeurs de Logicels de Loisir (aka SELL), a body that promotes the interests of game developers.

As for the government’s take on the matter, it was left to Aurelien Perol, the Secretary of State’s communication adviser, to explain the situation to the eSports Observer.

“We want to assimilate video game competitions as a discipline of sport,” said Mr Perol. “We received the ruling of the prime minister to include this text in the project of law.”

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