ITF confirms gambling-related umpire bans

ITF confirms gambling-related umpire bans

The International Tennis Federation (or ITF) has announced that two professional umpires have been banned while a further four remain under investigation with regard to match-fixing allegations.

A report in The Guardian newspaper confirmed that umpires from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Croatia and Turkey comprised the banned and suspended officials.

The British newspaper continues that said umpires are thought to have accepted cash bribes from a number of international betting syndicates to fix matches on the low-level Futures Tour.

Kazakhstan’s Kirill Parfenov was decertified for life in February 2015 after contacting another official on Facebook in an attempt to manipulate the scoring of matches.

Croatia’s Denis Pitner, on the other hand, was handed a 12-month suspension in August 2015 for regularly accessing to a betting account from which bets were placed on matches.

In confirming the bans and the ongoing investigations, the ITF added that, “Should any official be found guilty of an offence, it will be announced publically.

“The ITF code of conduct for officials was amended in December 2015 to include public reporting of officiating sanctions from 2016 onwards.”

However, the body was keen to point up that, “In order to ensure no prejudice of any future hearing we cannot publicly disclose the nature or detail of those investigations.”

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