Latest odds suggest Trump has lock on Republican nomination

Latest odds suggest Trump has lock on Republican nomination

There was a time when it seemed so outrageous as to be utterly impossible. But now the likelihood of billionaire Donald Trump securing the Republican nomination is so great that bookmakers William Hill have him as odds-on favourite.

Yes, the firm that once dismissed ‘The Donald’ as a 200/1 outsider now has the man with the mystifying mop of hair at just 2/7.

Not only that but William Hill has him at 11/4 to win the Presidency outright.

“A Donald Trump victory is our nightmare scenario,” spokesman Graham Sharpe explained. “One client alone will collect £75,000 if he wins.”

Across the political divide, Hilary Clinton is 1/14 to win the Democrat nomination and 1/2 to become the country’s 45th President.

Those William Hill odds in full:

To be President: 1/2 Hilary Clinton; 11/4 Donald Trump; 14/1 Bernie Sanders; 14/1 Ted Cruz; 25/1 John Kasich; 33/1 Marco Rubio

To be Republican nominee: 2/7 Trump; 4/1 Cruz; 12/1 Kasich; 14/1 Rubio

To be Democratic nominee: 1/14 Clinton; 13/2 Sanders


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