Casino customer support

Online casinos employ support staff to help you enjoy the best possible gambling experience.

One of the most important aspects of an online casino is the quality of its support staff. These guys are the first port of call for players experiencing issues with pay-outs, software, or any other difficulties with a casino’s service.

Customer support admins are also responsible for answering players’ queries, alerting them to special bonuses, managing and closing accounts and ensuring that everyone is having a good time.

Contacting support

Most casinos will have a contact page on their website, containing contact details for support staff, as well as listing their working hours. The following are common channels for getting in touch with customer support:


safety_support  Online Casino Customer Support safety supportLive chat

Many casinos allow players to chat with a support admin in real type via a text window.


safety_email  Online Casino Customer Support safety emailEmail

After live chat, most casinos prefer that you get in touch via email and will endeavour to respond promptly. When emailing customer support, you may have to quote your account number in the subject line. For cash-outs, you can attach scans of appropriate documentation to emails – bank statements and passports are usually required


safety_telephone  Online Casino Customer Support safety telephoneTelephone

During registration, you may be asked to provide a contact telephone number. Often, an account manager or support admin will get in touch shortly after you sign up, in order to answer any questions you might have, or after substantial cash-outs/losses/periods of inactivity. If you choose to contact customer support by phone, you will have to call during working hours.


safety_post  Online Casino Customer Support safety postPost

Some casinos provide a postal address, a preferred means of communication for players with extensive queries/issues. Generally speaking, a postal correspondence will be considerably slower than email.


safety_fax  Online Casino Customer Support safety faxFax

Some brands allow players to fax through scans of documents to verify cash-outs.


Making a complaint

There is no excuse for a shabby service. If you encounter a problem at a casino, be it slow cash-outs, refused payments, or game-ruining glitches, you are entitled to make a complaint.

More often than not, if you contact a casino’s support staff through any of the channels listed above, they will make every effort to resolve your issues. The vast majority of player complaints stem from misunderstandings (of rules, terms and conditions etc.) and can easily be brought to a positive conclusion.

When customer support lets you down

Unfortunately, there are times when customer support teams at online casinos become uncooperative. They may stop replying to your emails, confiscate funds or even close your account.

You don’t have to put up with this and there are independent bodies that can help you get the resolution you deserve.

We can help!

If you encounter any problems with the casinos featured on this website, please feel free to post complain against them.