First ‘online’ betting service lunched in India

First ‘online’ betting service lunched in India

If you want to check out India’s first ‘online’ sports betting operation, you better be ready to travel to Gangtok.

That’s where you’ll find the new ‘gaming zone’, a sports betting and gaming arena run by Golden Gaming International, the operator previously known as Maarm International.

The venue in the state capital of Sikkim has expanded the range of games offered by Golden Gaming to include cricket, tennis and football, as well as non-sports gambling activities such as roulette and the popular local card game teen patti.

That the ‘gaming zone’ can claim to provide an ‘online’ service is entirely due to the fact that punters can place wagers via intranet gaming terminals while visiting the venue.

The operation’s launch is being celebrated by Golden Gaming’s director Manoj Sethi who hopes that other states will “study the unique model created by the Sikkim government and legalise, regulate and license gambling and betting.”

The opening of the Gangtok facility was overseen by Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev (above), who promptly refused to place the first football bet on one of Golden Gaming’s terminals on the grounds that he’s “not a betting person”.

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