Poland says ‘NO’ to online poker

Poland says ‘NO’ to online poker

Despite the local media claiming that the arrival of online poker in Poland was imminent, the newly-elected government insists it is in no hurry to review the country’s gambling restrictions.

The Ministry of Finance has been quick to kybosh last week’s press reports which suggsted that the government was keen to further monetise the country’s gambling industry via the introduction of online poker and the loosening of advertising restrictions.

According to the national media, such a move would be a huge boon to the state economy what with revenue being taxed at between 20% and 30%.

However, on 25th January, the Ministry made it clear that no revision of the Gambling Act was in the offing.

That said, a government spokesman didn’t deny that the authorities were looking at ways to increase its gambling tax revenue.

The ways in which this might be achieved could include making the 150 or so unauthorised online gaming operators currently servicing Poland pay their fair share of tax. Failure to do so could result in these firms having their bank transactions blocked.

Poland is, of course, one of the few countries that’s chosen to punish gamblers who use such sites rather than the sites themselves.

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