Prospect Hall casino: Daily prizes of up to £100 to be won!

Prospect Hall casino: Daily prizes of up to £100 to be won!

Offer Details

Daily Dig is the free-to-play game where you mine for the chance to win bonuses and free spins.

You can come back every 24 hours to dig for hidden treasure at Prospect Hall. Every gem, statue or key you find counts towards winning free prizes. Collect the required number of items and you win one of the great prizes below!
You must have deposited and wagered in the last seven days to participate in the Daily Dig.

How to Play

Every 24 hours you will be given five chances to mine for treasure. Simply login to the game and place your five flags where you want to dig. Click the excavate button to see if you have uncovered any gems, statues or keys to win one of the prizes.
Your paytable will track how many items of each type you need to collect to claim a prize. Your treasure will accumulate so come back each day to improve your odds of winning a prize. Once you collect the required amount of items, you can claim your prize immediately!
Your game starts the first time you login to the game, and your game board will reset every seven days.

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